cian mcloughlinThere’s nothing more frustrating in business, than pouring your heart and soul into a tender response or customer proposal and discovering your customer has picked someone else’s solution. All that wasted effort, all those nights and weekends spent crafting your value proposition, honing you’re solution offering….and in the end you walk away with nothing!

This was an issue I struggled with in my own sales career and one I set out to solve, when I founded Trinity Perspectives in 2011. There’s no such thing as a silver bullet in sales, but our Win/Loss Analysis and Sales Transformation services get right to the heart of your customers decision making process. We do this by tailoring our library of Win/Loss Review (WLR) survey and interview questions, to extract the specific feedback you need, from the only source that really matter, your customers.

When to call us?

• You want real insights into why your company won or lost a deal, direct from your customer
• You want to know how to leverage your sales strengths and reduce your weaknesses
• You want strategic direction on how to ‘close the gap’ and discount less
• You need a proven partner to drive sales change and transformation, so you can win more deals
• You need valuable, expert sales advice that you can trust

So who am I? I’m the founder and CEO of Trinity Perspectives, a 20-year veteran of the B2B sales industry, including senior roles in some of the worlds largest software companies. I’m also a regular commentator in the mainstream media, an Amazon #1 best-selling author, award winning blogger and keynote speaker. Most importantly, I’m a strong believer that our customers will teach us how they want to buy from us, if we ask them in the right way.

Drop me an email at or head to if you’d like to find out more.

Specialties: Win/Loss Analysis, Sales advice and consultancy

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