leanne hoagland smithBlogger & Heurist for the Next Generation of Talent Management

Greater Chicago Area USA

Posizione attuale: Chief Results Officer ADVANCED SYSTEMS

Edizioni: #BSBA2013 #BSBA2014

Partecipa nel 2014 per Best Sales Blogger

3° classificato categoria Best Sales Blogger edizione #BSBA2014

” My philosophy specific to talent management is:
*People are the most ADVANCED SYSTEMS*

All problems, challenges or goals can be traced back leadership and have a dollar & cents price tag *Solutions should not cost an arm and a leg I developed the ACE Model™ because it recognizes the importance to: Assess the people and/or the organization Clarify the real problems, needs and wants Execute for sustainable results From my philosophy and the ACE Model, discovering the gaps between today’s results & tomorrow’s goals becomes much simpler. ”

Leanne recently received the Small Business Journalist of the Year through the regional US Small Business Administration Office. For more info look at website 3 .

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