salesforlifeSales for Life is the world’s go-to source of Social Selling knowledge. We help you, the sales professional, supercharge your sales funnel.

Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada

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Sales for Life was founded in 2004 with one corporate goal – to become the most trusted sales resource for its clients. During our journey, we’ve had the pleasure of servicing 1,000’s of sales professionals around the world, from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Over this last decade, a fundamental shift has taken place in the way buyers began their buying journey. Unfortunately, the sales community did not adapt to this change as quickly as necessary. Upon studying this shift internally, we discovered that we naturally evolved with our buyers without realizing the full impact.

Seventy-five percent of our new business had been driven by new innovative sales solutions such as LinkedIn, marketing automation and content marketing. We then dedicated thousands of man hours to create, test and build systems that would connect our clients with today’s buyers.

This innovation was the birth of “Social Selling.” As the leading Social Selling training and coaching company, we have dedicated our lives and resources to bring this fundamental paradigm shift to sales teams all around the world.


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