Miller HeimanMiller Heiman Group is built on the world’s most valuable, well-known and respected names, not only in the training industry, but in business as a whole, including, Miller Heiman, AchieveGlobal, Huthwaite, Impact Learning Systems, Channel Enablers and CSO Insights. It’s a combination of brands that has long been associated with accelerating sales growth and business transformation, which is the cornerstone of what we do.

Location: North America- South America – Germany – United Kingdom – Australia – Singapore – China – Japan

Editions: #BSBA2015 #BSBA2017

Participate for 2014 in Best Sales Organization

Bronzo Organization 20153° classified category Best Sales Organization Edition #BSBA2015

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2° classified category Best Sales Organization Edition #BSBA2018


But in today’s world, those who stay the same, lose. Business is evolving—and so must we. That’s why we’ve expanded our service and solutions and embraced innovation—because it’s no longer just about training—it’s about business.

We call our offering the Be Ready solutions, it’s a powerful combination of sales, service, talent, learning, strategy and data—built to empower our customers to Be Ready to Sell More and Service Better.

Whether you need a single solution, a new strategy or a complete transformation, Be Ready makes it easy to find what you’re looking for—all supported by years of proprietary data, industry expertise and a proven approach.

What could be better than that? We’ve helped some of the world’s largest global organizations improve performance. With more than 60 offices in more than 40 countries, nearly 1000 full-time employees, consultants and contractors, and more than 70 distribution and franchise partners—we’re growing at more than 2.5x the rest of the sales and service industry.

And that’s because every year, Miller Heiman Group trains thousands of sales and service teams. We offer our solutions in 20 languages to more than 4,000 customers around the globe. More than half of our Top 25 customers represent Fortune 500 companies—adding more than 500 customers in 2015 alone.

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