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The #1 challenge for account-based sellers is to land and expand in their named accounts. But account-based selling requires more than just determination and lead-generation tools. It requires a referral system.

When I founded No More Cold Calling® in 1996, I never dreamt it would grow to be the #1 company in the U.S. for transforming sales teams into referral selling machines! My passion is working with clients to shift their sales prospecting techniques to account-based selling best practices.

Ditch the cold calling scripts for a strategic sales plan designed for the 21st century modern buyer. Learn how to seed and grow without the awkward close. Your account-based sellers will generate qualified leads faster & consistently with referral selling. It’s much simpler to land and expand with qualified referrals and an open invitation.

• Is your sales team calling high enough and getting meetings with the real decision makers?
• Are their forecasts merely smoke & mirrors, or are they weighted accurately with a timeline you can count on to fill the pipeline with only qualified leads?
• If the sales process drags on and on, have they connected with the right people and built relationships with all buyers?
• Do your account executives sound like everyone else, or do they underscore your competitive advantages?

My system enables your team to:
• Build referral skills for your account-based sellers and make every sales call count
• Convert more than 70% of their B2B sales leads into clients
• Ace-out the competition; while others are reduced to digital lead generation, your account-based sellers get qualified sales leads with a referral program

One client traded in their old sales script for generating 150 sales leads within 3 months of implementing a referral program. Another achieved a 43% reduction for opportunities sitting in the sales prospecting phase by teaching their sales team how to leverage referral selling. This is the secret to account-based everything.

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