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Our founder, Rizan Flenner, had been a sales manager for over fifteen years some of Europe’s and North America’s largest software companies, where he kept using CRM systems that drove him and his sales people crazy.

Here’s Rizan in his own words:

It was a nightmare. My teams hated how much work it took to keep their system updated, so they never used it. They saw CRM as a reporting tool and not something that added any value to their jobs. I had one rep tell me that he must be the highest paid data-entry clerk anywhere.

I had to hound them to use it, but still they couldn’t find a way to make it a part of their workflow. The worst was when it came to our QBRs (Quarterly Business Review). The information in the system was so out of date that we had spend hours manually inputting everything into spreadsheets.

I thought, ‘how is it possible that we as sales are in the 21st century, but our software still works like something out of the last millennium? This is sucking up so much of our time and energy… there has to be a better way. There has to be something out there that works.’

But there wasn’t. Nothing I found was designed with sales people in mind. So I got together with Martin and Pierre, and we decided to do it ourselves.


The world of sales is changing. Buyers are more cautious and informed than ever, sales cycles are getting more and more complex, and sales people are expected to deliver more with less resources.

And as if that wasn’t challenging enough, the systems we give our sales people to do their job often make things even more difficult. Systems that are complicated, cumbersome, and require so much manual work to keep updated that they become a burden for an already overworked sales force.

web site iseeitThe problem is that most CRMs just aren’t designed to work the way sales people need: simple, easy-to-use, in-depth and mobile.

In fact, 81% of sales and marketers surveyed agree that CRMs aren’t helping them close bigger and higher-margin deals. That says a lot.

That’s why we created iSEEit, so you can have a natural way to manage your daily sales activities. That way it’s easy for you to focus on what’s most important and have the clarity you need to get things done.

Because today’s sales world isn’t getting any easier to manage, so your software should help you drive more sales with less work, not the other way around.

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