anneke seleyCeo & Founder Reality Works . Improving Results for Buyers and Sellers with Inside Sales and Digital/ Social Selling. Author/Speaker/Advisor.

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

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Together with my team at Reality Works Group, I help businesses, nonprofits, teams and individuals achieve financial success – and other measurable results. Here’s my story:

Three decades ago, in an era when no one believed anyone would buy B2B software without an in-person meeting, I designed and built Oracle’s inside sales group – now a multi-billion dollar global sales organization. Today, my team of experts at Reality Works Group is helping companies build revenue–generating businesses of the future.

Reality Works Group is a team of on-demand experts: strategists, sales and marketing managers, writers, speakers, data scientists, educators, promoters and coaches. We work on a project basis – designing and implementing innovative sales teams – to serve forward-thinking global sales, marketing and services leaders and their customers, who are looking to produce or improve revenue and profit performance quickly.

Our clients generate more revenue faster with reduced cost of sales. We introduce modern practices such as inside sales, hybrid sales teams, social selling, predictive analytics, behavioral mechanics and gamification to their sales models, while building loyal relationships with customers, partners and employees.

Reality Works Group is unique because we pioneered measurable and predictable B2B inside sales integrated with traditional (field) sales models that are supported by marketing and technology. We have built or transformed some of the best-performing global sales organizations in business today. In an era when inside sales is growing 3 times faster than field sales (source: and InfoUSA), having an inside sales team alone is no longer a differentiator; it has to out-perform everyone else’s.

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