Julie HansenFounder, Sales Presentation Expert Performance Sales and Training

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

Posizione attuale: Founder, Sales Presentation Expert Performance Sales and Training

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Partecipa nel 2014 per Best Sales Blogger Innovator


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I help salespeople deliver winning presentations that differentiate themselves and their solution from the competition, engage busy decision-makers and motivate them to take action.
By leveraging the skills performers have been using to move audiences for centuries, I give salespeople a winning edge when the stakes are high whether it’s a sales presentation, demonstration or customer-facing event.
My company, Performance Sales and Training, incorporates the latest in acting, improvisation and storytelling techniques into our presentation skills workshops to redefine the sales presentation or demonstration in a way that customers can easily remember, and most importantly, act upon.
Our workshops are not only highly effective, they are also the most fun your team can have – and still be called “training.”
But don’t just take my word for it, check out what others are saying and visit our award-winning blog at PerformanceSalesandTraining.com
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