Blog Biz is the area of Professional Blogging that we devote to the promotion of products, solutions, services, technologies presented by BtoB companies in a World of Sales . Today’s Guest is John Cousineau CEO of Innovative Information Inc.  the company that drive profound improvements in business performance via innovations enabled with analytics. Think, fun with numbers.


Amacus is an award-winning selling solution. Its analytics let sales teams ‘better’ their practices. Using trial and error. With small, fast, tests of new tactics. Imagine what you’d like to know, if you could, about how to improve sales performance. That’s what Amacus reveals. It is ‘Moneyball for B2B sales’. Improves B2B sales performance by letting you see the buyer actions triggered by your sales practices. It’s a personalized, analytics-aided, test-bench for your sales practices.

Sales Teams Win New Business Faster

Imagine what you’d like to know, if you could, about how to improve B2B sales performance. Imagine how fast you could improve your results if you could see what was working. As you did your work. Accelerating revenue growth would be easier.

Hello Amacus – an award-winning selling solution. Its ‘FiBit’-like feedback shows you the buyer impacts of your selling practices. Guiding you to make small moves, smartly, that set big performance lifts in motion.

It’s the equivalent, for B2B sales, of what’s being done to improve performance in elite athletics. It gives you new analytics as ‘pictures of performance’. Automatically.

Making the keys to better results clearer to see. Yielding better results that defy what’s normal.

Amacus isn’t for everyone. But if you have a hunger for growth, indigestion from ‘business as usual’, or an appetite for learning, check it out.

The better results it’s producing are pretty tasty.

Using Amacus is like having ‘growth insurance’. It: conquers tough sales performance challenges [as per this Forbes post ]; aligns strategy and  sales [as per this SFDC post ]; and de-risks revenue results [as per this SFDC post ].

Source of contents : John Cousineau, CEO of Innovative Information Inc. 
With Innovative Information inc.John’s leading efforts to accelerate revenue growth by improving B2B sales productivity. With analytics that reveal what’s working and what isn’t in the ‘flow of the work’.

He has spent 30+ years leading operations research teams, with a focus on helping companies get more valuemore quickly from their day-to-day business processes. He’s done so with clients such as Apple, the PGA Tour, Terasen Gas, Tectura, AT&T Wireless, Industry Canada, WebEx, and the 2010 Winter Olympic Games Secretariat.


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