Blog Biz is the area of Professional Blogging that we devote to the promotion of products, solutions, services, technologies presented by BtoB companies in a World of Sales . We begin with an article by Olivier Piscart CEO of Salezeo the company that is reinventing the prospecting in the sale.



Salezeo is reinventing sales prospecting with a Big Data cloud solution offering a crowdsourced database of decision makers for free, thus creating a “Wikipedia” for sales.

Sales Prospecting, especially cold calling, is becoming more and more difficult. Existing databases have obsolete information and social media give limited contact information meaning that salespeople spend hours on end searching with little or no reward; Sales Managers working in B to B are estimated to spend 30% of their time looking for relevant contacts and how to reach them. At the same time every Sales Manager has an extensive contact network.

Salezeo leverages these personal networks by crowdsourcing B to B contacts in one centralised database free to use for all that contribute. Today Salezeo already have 20,000 members exchanging 200,000 contacts each month. The database of 4.5 million European companies and 1.8 million decision makers is growing and being updated in real time. The contributions to the system are verified and enriched by algorithms elab
orated by a dedicated R&D team.

In addition to phone numbers and email addresses Salezeo scans the web with powerful search engines and enrich profiles with relevant information such as Twitter feeds, LinkedIn profiles, company information, press releases etc.

The powerful combination of crowdsourcing and web crawling technology results in a rich and up-to-date database of professional contacts.

Part of a thriving French Tech scene Salezeo is today expanding to the UK. This international expansion adds a new dimension to the service opening up new opportunities for exporters who are confronted with the task of finding the right contacts when entering a new market.

Salezeo was founded 3 years ago in Paris by Olivier Piscart, Stéphane Chaillou, Karin Olsson and Olivier Candau. The four founders each have 20 years experience in B2B sales, technology, marketing and financing. Salezeo raised €3M from Parisian investment fund Newfund and French public investment bank BPI in 2014.



Article by : Olivier Piscart, CEO of Salezeo

Salezeo, Sales Prospecting reinvented.
is the first free European crowdsourced database with contact details of 1.8 million B2B decision makers. 20 000 salespeople exchange business contacts on the platform thus updating the database in real time. The contacts are verified and enriched by powerful search engines which collect available business information from the web.


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