Il prossimo 25 Luglio collegandoti al sito di Alen Mayer potrai partecipare a questo interessante webinar dedicato a chi si sente stressato dalle telefonate a prospect.

If you are an introvert in sales, you may be interested in attending our webinar, “Cold Calling for Introverts.” –
What is this webinar all about?
For some people, “introverted salesperson” sounds like an oxymoron, but times have changed. More than ever, employers see introverts sell better than some of their extroverted counterparts. The era of the back-slapping, fast-talking, in-your-face stereotypical salesperson is gone; in its place, today’s sales staff listens to customers and tries to make sales process a pleasurable experience for all parties.
Sales introverts tend to be more reserved, less outgoing, and less interested in approaching strangers. Cold calling is a stumbling block for many sales professionals. If you make cold calls, you need to register for this webinar.
You will learn:

Why cold calling is not a numbers game for introverts
Why it’s not getting easier with time (even though managers say it is)
Why you can’t just “dive in” (as extroverts do)
Introverts’ strengths and how to use them when cold calling
How to prepare yourself for cold calls (no, it is not about the script)
How to warm up your cold calls
How to make cold calling less nerve-wracking and more successful
One technique that makes all the difference
How to redefine cold calling to fit your style
How to succeed as an introvert in sales

If the idea of initiating a conversation makes you feel queasy and start to sweat – if you don’t approach cold calls with confidence and verve – our webinar, “Cold Calling for Introverts” is definitely for you.
Register today!
When you register you will also receive a recording of the webinar for your review later on.

Questo articolo ripubblicato per gentile concessione dell’Autore partecipa al Best Sales Blogger Award 2013.


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